Study in Ireland

A Hub for Global Corporations
Why Ireland?

Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world, in terms of research impact in over 19 different fields. Potential career opportunities in a host of global giants including Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme make studying in Ireland a very lucrative opportunity.

Substantial Passport

Ireland is among the 15 most powerful passports to hold, and grants you visa-free access to 187 countries.

Global Brands

Ireland is home to leading MNCs. It's the 2nd most attractive country globally for FDI - after Singapore.

Diverse Courses

5000+ programs in areas like medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, literature, etc.
Getting there
Dream Destination: Ireland

Irish degrees are recognized throughout the world, combining a fantastic higher education experience with historical cities, beautiful scenery and a unique heritage. It is currently

Culture & Lifestyle
Level of Education
About Ireland

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It’s is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth. Geopolitically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), which covers five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is also regarded as a safe country to study and live in. The UNDP Human Development Report Index 2020 found Ireland to have the 2nd highest quality of life in the world.

Why Study MS in Ireland

Masters in Ireland is an excellent opportunity with outstanding teaching procedures with a world-class education that helps you to connect with industry-leading experts. It is a land of Saint and Scholars with 34 higher education institutions offering 5000 programs. The country has a range of institutions, including 10 Universities and 5 Institutes of Technology, in which all 5 Institutions are featured in the world’s top 500 QS World University Rankings. MS in Ireland qualifies the graduates for the administration position and the various challenges with the work.

Career outlook: Working after MS

Ireland quickly turned to Europe’s economic powerhouse in the past decades. Structural reforms have led to a viable boost and attracted many multinational corporations – and especially technology companies – to set up their European headquarters in Ireland, including the likes of Google, Airbnb, Pfizer, Dell and others. Therefore, Ireland offers numerous opportunities for graduates with an international background. If you study in Ireland, you stand a good chance at finding a job and staying in the country after you graduate. A masters degree holder is entitled to a two year stay back.

We help you Achieve your Dreamz

Some of the many reasons to study in Ireland are cheap tuition fees, post-study work permits, scholarships as tuition fee deductions. Ireland is an IT hub with 30+ higher education institutions presenting 5000 programs. With a compelling narrative of admits & scholarships, Dreamz Global Education proves to be the best consultancy for abroad education. With a experienced team of consultants, Dreamz Global Education has assisted 10,000+ students every year. Ireland is an IT hub with 30+ higher education institutions presenting 5000 programs. Our team is revised with the current trends of education on Ireland and the necessary prerequisites, making every Visa application a conquest.

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Top Universities in Ireland

Living expenses will differ depending upon the location of the institution, the type of accommodation preferred and on the personal expenditure of the student. On average, we estimate that a student will spend between €6,000 and €11,000 per year depending on location and lifestyle.

If you are an EU citizen, there are no visa requirements when entering Ireland. If you are not an EU citizen, please contact your nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate to find out whether or not you require an entry visa or you may enquire from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Those who do not have an Irish diplomatic mission in their home country should download a visa application form well in advance of their departure. Please note that it is possible for international students who require a visa and are residing in certain countries to apply directly to the Department of Foreign Affairs online. Click here for a full list of these countries and the link to the online application form.

Note: You will be required to have accepted an offer of a recognised programme of study in Ireland and to have a receipt of payment letter from a college in Ireland before you can begin the process of applying for your visa overseas to study in Ireland.

Note2: Our Visa Experts at Dreamz Education can help you with the process. Contact Us.

For students from non-EU countries, you will be required to have medical insurance in place in order to be granted a visa.

Ireland’s climate can be summed up as being mild, moist and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes. Because the island is hugged all year round by the warm influence of the Gulf Stream, Ireland is much warmer than other countries that share its latitude. The Gulf Stream also ensures that the Irish coastline remains ice-free throughout winter. Extreme winters are rare but they do happen on the odd occasion when Ireland’s temperatures plummet.

Non-EU students who are approved to study in Ireland with higher education institutions listed on the ILEP, can avail of casual work to help support themselves while in Ireland. Students are allowed to work part-time (up to 20 hours a week) or full-time (up to 40 hours a week) during holiday periods.

Yes. A small number of scholarships for overseas students are available from the universities and colleges. These are awarded solely at the discretion of the individual institutions who set down their own criteria for eligibility. Students are advised to contact the institution of their choice directly, to obtain information. Our Team at Dreamz Education can help you with the process. Contact Us

Study Abroad Education Consultants in Bhopal

Studying Abroad Made Simpler with Professional Guidance for Students

Are you seeking for a professional who goes above and beyond to assist you in the process of finding an ideal course that suits your endeavors at universities of international repute? The journey between choosing a course and getting an admit entails multiple steps each of a high value. We at Dreamz Education stand by the student at every level, and assist them in choosing the right program and matching their CGPA and IELTS score with the admission criteria of the university they aspire to secure an admission in. We are one of the leading study abroad consultants offering quality consultation services to students seeking opportunities in foreign lands. In an era where the market is steeped with education consultants, we are set apart by the personal touch that our services have. This trait of ours has helped us dominate the market and build careers in a global setting. We believe in delivering the highest quality to personal services to each of our client that makes our processes simple and easy for students to comprehend.

What do We Offer?

Apart from offering a free consultation to students, there is a plethora of services that matter massively in an aspirant’s pursuits, The preparation classes we offer cover a vast number of exams ranging from IELTS to GMAT making sure that a student Attain a competitive score and ace the first step of the admission process. Post This, we provide Letter of recommendations and SOP that give the application an edge. We also provide one on one interview preparation, scholarship & post-admission assistance. Our team is a dedicated set of professionals with years of experience in counseling students seeking who are committed to providing in- depth assistance to each student.

How Our Services Help you Gain Results?

For eons successful people have ingrained in our minds that smarter work reaps better results than harder work and sometimes a simpler route is the most promising one. We at Dreamz, are versed with the correct technique that make a student’s profile lucrative for a university. Our trained counselors are proficient at dealing with students from all walks of life and engraving in them the confidence to forge a successful academic path. Our sessions ensure they receive the best training to appear for the qualifying exams without a grain of doubt in their mind. Our classes promise a competitive improvement in your results. 

A simple visit us to the Dreams office will aid you in clearing all your doubt as we are devoted to address your concerns at the root level. We are the fist step you will take to set on a journey where you will achieve milestones in the arena of education.  Each student is unique to us, and therefore, we curate sessions as per individual’s requirements to help them succeed in securing admits to the most promising programs at international Universities. So, get in touch with us over the phone or email us with Yan assurance of that your dreams are about to manifest in a successful career. We are proud to have aided lacs of students in unleashing their innate potential and set them on a path to success and we shall be honored to help you with yours.

Thank You

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Study in Ireland

Study In Ireland with Our Expert Advice

The Republic of Ireland has taken a measured, consistent, and evidence-based approach to the crisis that Covid-19 brought to its international operations. Students from abroad have several opportunities to study in the country and build the careers they’ve been aspiring to. The country ensures its policies are flexible enough for students from around the world as it attracts more and more students to study there. The first thing you should check if you wish to Study in Ireland is whether you are eligible to attend the local universities.

Our goal at Dreamz Education is to develop competitive solutions for students seeking assistance with their international applications. Upon assessment of an Indian student’s academic background and future goals, we help them select the right university and course. If a proper approach is in place, one can achieve their dreams of making their career. To apply for foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in Ireland, book your free consultation with a trained consultant when you visit us for the first time.

International students who come to Ireland from countries like India have access to numerous opportunities in the country and can pursue an opportunistic future with some of the best education platforms. Give us the chance to help you with our professional consultancy service that will keep everything transparent in due course of your journey to apply to Universities in Ireland. 

Start your search for admission to colleges and universities in Ireland with our expert advice to help you gain success. We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a visit to your nearest Ireland office so you can get started with the documentation process seamlessly and right away. Our expert counsellors are trained in such a manner so that important information is passed on to you at regular intervals and offer professional assistance to you for making everything fall in the right place.

Study in Canada from India

Off late, Canada has been one of the most promising destinations attracting lacs of international students. India is one of the major countries whose students desire to set up life in Canada. Canada is one of the most hospitable countries to pursue a degree in and to establish a successful career in as well. Studying in Canada is a dream many young Indians share. It does not just provide various personal and educational benefits but a reason to pursue a peaceful and safe life in countries like Canada. Study in Canada from India has become easier than ever due to flexible government policies on education and immense opportunities for international students in the country.

What are the career benefits of studying abroad? Looking at world-class Universities that offer the educational course as per your skill set has always been the unique selling point of learning outside your national boundaries. The International perspective that students get while studying overseas aids them to have a successful career in any part of the world.  At Dreamz Education, we believe you can achieve your goals of studying abroad with the right guidance and intricate planning. 

Dreamz Education Helps you be Focused and Resilient in your Approach

Students who come from international boundaries undergo a lot of challenges that make them strong and independent to handle any situation on foreign lands. Our staff is adept at guiding them at sensitive paths and making them robust to deal with situations in a foreign land.

Even in the long run, employers prefer candidates who can think out-of-the-box and contribute to the company’s revenue. These traits that we inculcate at Dreamz are the ones that would help you succeed in your career goal. Get admission in Canada’s reputed universities and enjoy the country’s innumerable benefits for its students and with it develop a stronghold on your personality with us at Dreamz educational services.

Our unparalleled learning and consulting platform have helped several students pursue their dream course in various countries, and Canada is one of them. We assure you of complete dedication to our consultancy services for a brighter future in Canada and other countries as you might have longed for.

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand for Lucrative Opportunities in Various Career Fields

Are you seeking to build a career in New Zealand? If so, we are there to guide you through each step of pursuing a life abroad. There are several reasons why international students apply to Universities in New Zealand. The foremost reasons are its quality of life, friendly culture, and exceptional education system that is well researched and comprehensive to meet the need of the hour ensuring a successful professional life for national and international students. Studying in New Zealand offers a perfect combination of modern infrastructure and safe and peaceful life.

What to Look for While Applying to New Zealand?

If you’re an aspirant who wishes to pursue a life in New Zealand, there are ample opportunities for you to choose from and make a career that fits your vision. New Zealand is a country of international reputation and a provider of quality education.

New Zealand has a progressive education system with many state-of-the-art facilities. It keeps up with the dynamism of the industries and offers an exhaustive number of courses and programs. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. At Dreamz Education, we provide professional consultation services so that you can apply to the universities in New Zealand and establish your career in an international arena.

What do you get with Dreamz Education Consultants?

Our staff at Dreamz Education ensures you get quality consulting services and helps you through every step of the way right from sorting your documentation process to getting a visa. When it comes to living in New Zealand, the internationally accredited qualifications make New Zealand harbour the best in the class education system that creates lucrative opportunities for international students who seek to carve a career in the country. 

From preparing students for the standard entrance exams like the GRE, TOEFL, and ILETS, to preparing them for a visa interview, we take care of everything. For any concerns related to the application process, we directly connect with the Universities in New Zealand to fasten the communication. We also keep students updated about the latest news regarding student admission and entry processes in the country.  

Study in USA with Scholarship

Join Scholarship Programs in the US to Make your Study Affordable

Scholarships are a great way to pursue education abroad which otherwise could be expensive. Scholarship opportunities are open to deserving international students to help them fund their studies; these financial aids are structured so that students can pay their course fee partially or entirely, depending on the course and the institution they take admissions in. Similarly, Study in US with Scholarship can be affordable if you have a plan in place. A variety of colleges offer scholarship programs in the reputed American Universities so that international students can pursue their education without worrying about the funds. The American government also offers many scholarships. All you have to do is carefully check the criteria to help you find the right course. Our team at Dreamz Education will guide you at every step to avoid any mistake in the due course of action. 

Our cutting-edge solutions not only help international students in building their confidence to take up challenges while in foreign lands but also keep them enlightened and aware throughout their process of applying for courses in the US and other parts of the world. We believe in complete transparency and open communication with the aspirant. We offer consultation to students seeking to take their careers to foreign lands. We are devoted to assisting students with every little concern that they might face while applying to the Universities in the US. The foremost thing that needs to be considered is a good academic score. The more you score in grade 12th in India, the better your chances are to enter into top-notch universities in the US. 

Universities look for an all-inclusive profile and a myriad of extra-curricular activities while evaluating the candidacy of a student for scholarships. However, it is subjective as different courses have an additional eligibility criterion. In the case of documentation, some colleges may ask to fill a mere application, whereas you may have to fulfil several other conditions for others. For example, you have to work on research papers and follow the submission process. The nail in the coffin is that each scholarship is different and entails a different approach towards the application. We will help you achieve your goals to pursue hassle-free scholarship opportunities in the US. 

Study in USA From India

Study in the US from India for a Lucrative Career Start

There has been a massive shift in educational dynamics since the boundaries between nations in this domain have blurred. Earlier, applying to universities overseas was not simple, there were hardly any government policies for Indian students to study in the US or other parts of the globe. However, with global education evolving faster,  the prospects of Study in USA from India have given many opportunities to Indian students to take up courses at the universities in the US and make a career there. 

The students can now pursue studies in the US while living in India or vice-a-verse. One can be successful in the endeavour of studying abroad if the right channel is followed. A lot of research goes into searching for the right college or university and then the right program, arranging for funds and the required documentation, visa process and interviews etc. At Dreamz Education, we take care of everything under one roof. 

How do We do It?

Right from the step of selecting a university till the time, you enter the chosen program; we are providing you with personal guidance at each level. Our experts walk you through our structured schedule to help you excel in your career in the US. The pre-Visa session with the candidates, analyzing their profiles for any missing documents, and arranging the documents has been our priority to accelerate the growth of our students. With a flawless progression at each stage, students here get ready to build a lucrative career abroad and find jobs for high-living standards on the US grounds. We also help you prepare for the standard entrance exams like the GRE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, or ILETS required to fulfil basic requirements while applying to study in the US. 

If you seek to get started with the process but have hesitated thinking about the complex procedure studying abroad entails, please book an appointment with us and allow us to guide you for a perfect approach to studying abroad. 

Study in USA Consultants

Study in the US – Avail of Professional Consultation from the Experts!

The United States is generally the epicenter of interest for international students. When we talk about studying in USA, it is something that every international student seeks and rightly so, provided, it has one of the best educational dynamics across the globe. A hub for more than 4000+ institutions, the US is a truly cosmopolitan land that invites populations from across the globe and provides them with unparalleled opportunities. Whether it is undergraduate, graduate, or advanced courses, the country is a dwelling for the best Universities and colleges that mark a place globally. The vast expanse of options makes it imperative to have a guide that asserts the right place for you in the expanse of the United States. Our study in USA program boasts the best consultants in the industry, who are committed to helping you achieve your endeavors to keep you sorted with your education and career concerns.

Best Consultation Services at Dreamz Education

Our expert staff works diligently, round the clock to offer our students comprehensive solutions to apply to the top-notch universities in the United States. From the documentation process to securing a seat at your desired university campus in the United State, we give you the possible advice which fits your profile. Since the US provides excellent opportunities for international students with numerous courses and programs, we are here to map the best courses with your vision. 

Why Us?

At Dreamz Education, we don’t consider our students as numbers, we build the future of each of our students with arduous effort. To us, you are an individual with the potent strength to carve a bright career. For us, you are not just our clients but the leaders of the next era. The students seeking help and assistance to make a place on the international soil can greatly benefit from the counselling at Dreamz Education. The United States is the apex of a goof life both academically and professionally, and we ensure to suggest the right path for your future dreams to fall at the right place.

Get your Profiles Assessed

The best colleges in the United Nations focus on the overall proficiency of the student. To ensure that they view you as a strong candidate for their program, it is essential to highlight the right strengths in the right manner. To ensure your candidacy for an admit, as consultants, we assess your profile and present it in the best possible way. We also guide students on how they can improve their profiles to garner the attention of the admissions committee. At Dreamz Education, we make your journey to pursue a lucrative career in a country like the US possible without worrying about the odds associated with it. 

Give your dreams a silhouette to grow in, and pay us a visit in person. We assure you of the best guidance in the industry.

Study in USA after Twelve

Study in the USA after 12th Made Easy with Our Consulting Services


Deciding to pursue higher education abroad could become a tedious task for students after grade 12. Right out of the school, the procedure might look challenging. However, the ratios of students willing to stay in their homelands are exponentially decreasing, and more and more students are applying for Under graduation programs in universities abroad. Though the United States of America is not the only country to harbour international under graduation students from across the globe, it has attracted more aspirants than other countries when it comes to studying and settling there. The US is one country that has been consistently garnering the interest of international students from across borders. 


The country is home to many opportunities for international students to study and work, culminating in a successful profession, which they long for. If you’re looking forward to joining a program in the US after the 12th, all you need to do is consult Dreamz Education and have your career aspirations sorted in no time at all.


What do we offer you?


Profile Evaluation – Our experts help you evaluate your profile and advice you on how it can be accentuated. We make the documentation process easy and seamless. Profile evaluation also allows students to stay transparent at all the levels of their application process to various Universities in the US.


University Selection – Selecting universities in the US is not an easy task. The land is home to a gamut of reputed universities that dominate the educational dynamics of the entire world. We at Dreamz Education work out ways to prepare you for the challenges that come along while choosing a college that fits your aspirations and visions. We make sure that at this age, you enter a university that would give you an environment conducive to growth. We are the pioneer study consultants for international students seeking a life in the US after the 12th. 


Scholarships – Under graduation in the United States becomes a little easier on the monetary front with the right scholarships. Scholarship programs make the best way to arrange for financial help while studying in an expensive country like the US. For universities to see you as the best candidate for the scholarship, it is imperative to put your best foot forward. Our state-of-the-art programs will help you earn scholarships in the US to have your finances sorted.

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